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In honor of Donte’s 31st Birthday, 4 Da


Donte "Taylay" Wylie

Donte Wylie, affectionately known by family and friends as Taylay, was a young entrepreneur and risk taker that wasn’t afraid to go the extra mile to ensure he and his daughter had a good life. From starting a water ice business as a teenager to buying and selling cars, Taylay was determined to be his own boss. Very aware of his potential, he never limited himself. The sky wasn’t the limit for Donte; it was the starting point. Unfortunately, Donte’s life was cut short in 2008 due to senseless gun violence, his murder remains unsolved. Taylay is truly missed and will forever live in the hearts of those that knew and loved him.


A Sister's Pain

To honor the life and legacy of Taylay, The Donte Wylie Foundation also known as For the Love of Taylay was established in 2009 by Victoria in hopes of providing a safe space for survivors of violence, individuals who caused harm, and community members to collectively heal and explore workable solutions to reduce gun violence. 


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